Childbirth preparation course

Private or family psychological consultation

Do you have questions concerning pregnancy, childbirth?  Would you like to gain knowledge, get in contact with your baby, maybe your intuition, or feel like you need some stress-relieving techniques? Stop and read here.

Ördögh Csilla
Csilla Ördögh

A brief introduction to me and what I do.

As a perinatal psychologist I work with a holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth, view the family as a system and amaze at the strength and wonder babies bring to the world… I do childbirth preparation courses and also do therapy work with expectant moms, moms who are pregnant with their first child, and moms who are expecting siblings to the family. I am a mother of two, my professional and personal life have grown intertwined.

There is no need for a mom to be left alone: however private and intimate, birth and childbirth is also a social construction, the road that leads there should be filled with support.

The time of pregnancy is a time of great change, a time of great joy and also a lot of tension: it brings a so-called evolutionary crisis, when everything may seem wobbly and things start to gain new shapes and forms. This crisis re-writes hopes, beliefs and our identity; it affects the whole family, where every member influences the other and affects the whole system at the same time. A crisis, however difficult or even painful at times, can be good: it brings change. In pregnancy, the magical arrival of a new person into the family.  It is an opportunity to reform things and see new horizons.

I am available for one-on-one consultations for moms who find that their pregnancy brings new worries, hopes and dreams for the future, or wounds from the past that are hard to deal with alone.  I work mostly with relaxation techniques, stories, narratives or even fairy tales.

If you are interested in a preparation course for childbirth and parenthood, write me, click here.

Childbirth preparation course – outline

In closed groups we welcome expecting parents-to-be and discuss childbirth, pregnancy, breastfeeding in an interactive manner. Physical and psychological levels are inseparable therefore our focus falls on both. We talk about th last scientific data on what is best for mother-baby and family and also find the time for a few quiet minutes to RELAX body and mind on each occasion.

5 weeks course every Friday 17:30-19:30


WEEK 1: THE BIG PICTURE – pregnancy as a state-of-mind, changes and psychological consequences, pregnancy hormones and what they do to you, family ties and bonding, expecting a newborn to the family

WEEK 2: ZOOMING IN 1 – Life Within the Womb. the development of the feud, the embryo on all of us, the latest scientific knowledge of the short and LONG-term effects of life within the womb. Techniques to bond with your Baby!

WEEK 3: ZOOMING IN 2 – Life Within the Womb and Birth. Childbirth from the mother’s, the baby’s and the father’s side: the three aspect differ greatly, so everyone needs a different set of knowledge towards the big date.

WEEK 4: PREPARING FOR THE BIG DATE – Experidancing towards birth. Techniques to assist the mother during birth and after.

WEEK 5: LIFE WITH A NEWBORN – breastfeeding, bathing, sleeping, etc everything you need to know about life with a newborn baby.

You can sign up for the course here.